Corporate Sponsors

The Southern Nevada Hotel Concierge Association (SNHCA) is now accepting applications for Corporate Sponsors.  Corporate Sponsorship is offered to local businesses and vendors who would like to not only support the Concierge Association but would also like an opportunity to meet with, and interact with hundreds of Concierge from across the city.

There are many benefits that come with being a Corporate Sponsor including, logo placement on the website, including a hyper-link that will drive traffic and potential business to your website, as well as the business prestige of being a sponsor of the SNHCA. However, the biggest benefit that can come to you as a Corporate Sponsor of the SNHCA is networking.  Our association membership totals over 200 members, representing hotels & resorts throughout Las Vegas and is constantly growing. This gives you the opportunity to get your information out to thousands of hotel guests without the expensive cost   of advertising. Additionally. Corporate Sponsors are free to distribute any information they want via the Director of Communications, who will then disseminate it to the SNHCA membership.

Our current sponsors include the following companies, to which we are very grateful to have a partnership with.                                             


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